John Howell for Books shall exhibit at the following Book Fairs:
RareBooksLAX: October 5 and 6, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair, October 12 and 13, 2019, in Seattle, WA
The Los Angeles Printer's Fair, October 19 and 20, 2019, in Los Angeles, CA
I still have a few passes for RareBooksLAX and the Seattle show, so hit me up by phone or email soon if you would like me to mail you a pass for free admission to either of these shows.
Below are 5 lists of some of the material that will be offered at these shows. Please feel free to peruse the lists, and contact me by phone or email if you see anything you would like to have.
First up is a list of 94 items from the collection of Michael Hecht. Michael was a member of the Zamorano Club and collected books signed by the authors in California History, especially southern California local hisory, biography, book collecting, book seller memoirs, and more. Books with inventory numbers beginning with BO118 are Michael's. I have added a couple of related titles to the list from other sources.
This list includes 66 items from Muir Dawson's personal collection from the Typophiles, including Chap Books, Monographs, Keepsakes, and some pre-Chap Books or out of series publications and a small lot of ephemera:
The following list contains 57 items from Muir Dawson's personal collection. Lots of cool items on the history of the book, California fine press and bookseller lore, a really nice leaf book, and more:
This list contains 55 hightlights to be exhibited at RareBooksLAX and the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair, including Artists' Books, California Fine Press, California History, Miniature Books, and more:
This final list contains 72 miniature books from Glen Dawson's personal collection: